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Our customers share their personal experience with The Citizens National Bank.


At the Golden Lamb Buttery, it’s all about personal service and going the extra mile. Perhaps that attitude figured in the Booths’ decision to trust their business and personal banking to Citizens National. With a tasty menu of financial services and a good restaurateur’s attention to detail, Citizens National has earned a place at the table, too. 

Golden Lamb Buttery Testimonial

The father and son team of Lehto Builders is bringing green technology to the Quiet Corner. Paul is a civil engineer and Nick is a business major. Together, they design homes with a focus on rising energy costs and minimizing fossil fuel expenses.

Their bank is Citizens National. Why? “We needed a bank that would be there in good times and rough times. Citizens National is a partner we can count on.”

Lehto Builders Testimonial

Ron and Judy Jones are the entrepreneurs of Rol-Vac LP. They are on the move and work hard to keep their business on the leading edge of technology. That’s exactly what they’re looking for in their bank. They found the perfect financial partner in Citizens National. Ron says, “We like that our questions don’t end up in a black hole. We get answers.” 

Rol-Vac LP Testimonial

Looking for quality parts? We are Lynne and Rene Comtois and we own PAP Auto in Brooklyn. We’re a local business and Citizens National Bank is our local bank. 

We sell auto parts and they build partnerships. It is because of that partnership and their top-of-the-line customer service that we continue to grow.

Pap Auto Testimonial

Mortlake Fire Company and Citizens National Bank have shared front yards since 1995. Our location on the Brooklyn Green makes for convenient banking. Our experienced, friendly staff adds a personal touch. A recent loan helped the department to purchase their
new ambulance. It’s just mutual aid between two neighbors. 

Mortlake Fire Company Testimonial

Meet Barry and Brian Jessurun, brothers and mobilizers. They are the craftsmen of award winning restaurants 85 Main, The Vanilla Bean Café, the Dog Lane Café, and landlords, of the Union Square–Main in Putnam.

“It’s all about relationships... relationship with our staff, our customers, our community and our community bank.” says Barry. 

Jessurun Testimonial