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Business Loans

We’re investing in your future, and the future of your business.


Business Term Loans

These loans allow you to invest in your business now – while spreading out investment costs over time.

  • Term loans for working capital, remodeling facilities, leasing or purchasing equipment, purchasing business vehicles (including automobiles, trucks and semi-haulers) and other long-term financial needs.
  • Fixed or variable rates available.
  • Fixed monthly principal payments available.


Seasonal or Short-Term Loans

Some businesses often have seasonal or short-term credit needs – building inventory, for instance, or financing receivables. Our short-term business loans are designed with these special needs – and seasonal businesses – in mind.


Lines of Credit

A CNB Line of Credit is credit with an extra level of flexibility. You control the amount you borrow and when and how you use it. You can reuse available credit as you pay your line down.  This is also a great tool when combined with our Automated Transfer Service (also known as Sweeps) which can move available funds directly into your business deposit account as needed.  See Other Services for more information on the ATS program.


Commercial Mortgages

There are a number of ways we can help your business grow. One is our commercial real estate program which allows you to purchase, refinance or expand your owner-occupied commercial property or investment property. We offer a wide range of flexible financing options, including fixed-rate and long-term mortgages at competitive rates.


To sum it up, customized business loans are our specialty at Citizens National. With extensive lending experience and a broad lending base, we’ll gladly help you with your loan requests. We work hard to make the process easy and painless with speedy decisions. That’s because all credit and loan decisions are made right here.  Now that's what we call community banking!